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papercraft results Mitsubishi Evo X that has been created.

We will share papercraft Mitsubishi evo x for you who love papercraft. papercraft this time is a replica Mitsubishi evo x. If you like papercraft, but you just want to start create a papercraft model of car? Here’s the place to look for a design that you want.

Before we start, make sure the tools needed to create a papercraft already prepared. what is needed is:

  1. paper cutter pen-shaped tool
  2. glue
  3. cutting mat paper.
  4. papercraft printouts Mitsubishi evo x.

after all equipment has been available, follow the steps cut out part of papercraft cars mitsubishi lancer evo x below.

steps to make papercraft Mitsubishi evo x.


Front side of papercraft mitsubishi evo x – Click the image for high resolution.

  1. first of all we have to do is cut out the front of papercraft Mitsubishi evo x.

note the details of the parts do not cut the part that should not be cut. This is the point of using a paper cutter pen. because the pen paper cutter can cut papercraft very small and detailed.


papercraft mitsubishi evo x tire sides

cut the tires as well.


car papercraft roof sides of mitsubishi evo x

followed by cutting the roof papercraft Mitsubishi lancer evo x.

from all parts of papercraft is actually part of the roof or the top of the easiest to cut. because the top of the model evo x does not have details that are difficult to cut.


bottom sides of mitsubishi lancer evo x – papercraft models



after all part of the paper is finished the cut, the next step is to bring together all the pieces of paper using glue to form a part of a car model Mitsubishi evo x. in this section is very exciting, because you have to be creative to bring together all the pieces of paper the results of earlier pieces.

I hope you like papercraft Mitsubishi evo x which I share, if the image file papercraft Mitsubishi lancer evo x has a resolution that is not good, you can have a pdf file here.

Get pdf types papercraft mitsubishi evo x

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